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Today's latte, Google Analytics.

Thanks for coming to the presentation on Google Analytics. I hope it has opened your eyes to the possibilities. I have included a copy of the PREZI below and some links to resources I hope you find useful.

Here is the link to get started with analytics.

A handy glossary of Google Analytics Terms for the non-technically minded is available form the US environmental agency. Click here to download the PDF.

Great Books to Read

There are loads of book on Google Analytics. I would recommend Advanced Web Metrics with Google Analytics by Brian Clifton. Don’t be put up by the advanced moniker it is easily accessible. It has a very handy section on aligning google analytics with your objectives. The other ‘Analytics Guru’ is Avinash Kaushik. His book Web Analytics 2.0: The Art of Online Accountability and Science of Customer Centricity is brilliant and he is an world renowned speaker.

 URL Builder Tools

A quick google for URL Building tools will uncover a lot but here are some handy pages to help tag your off-web links that won’t appear in analytics.

  • Google’s homepage for the URL Builder. Including how it works
  • An excellent plugin for Chrome users. This will save you loads of time
  • This spreadsheet will create the tagged URLs for you if you need to tag content with the same information all at once.
  • This Google spreadsheet will help you keep tabs of your tracked links if you are working as a team or want to use different information for one page. Just drag and autofill the necessary information.

Event Tracking

Event tracking is amazing, just remember to align them with your own goals.


A very thorough guide to getting you started is available from here, if you are using a third party shopping site this guide from shopify to their integration will be useful (even if you aren’t using them you can learn from their example) but look to your own supplier for how to integrate with your set up.

Want to go further

If you have been inspired to go further then why not take the Google Analytics Individual Qualification Exam, it can be done in your own time and costs very little. Tip – Brian’s book above offers a code for 50% off the exam paying for the book in itself.

Thanks for again, if you have any questions please leave them in the comments below or tweet me @babbleoftongues.

Today's latte, Google Analytics.


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