A very funny IFTTT recipe


Are there news sources out there you just don’t want to miss? Can a special feed gets lost in your reader or twitter stream? Do you absolutely positively need to know about something as soon as it’s public?

Then there’s a web app out there which is perfect for you.

I’ve been playing for IFTTT  (If This Then That) for a while and thought I would try a recipe to send a link to a can’t-miss-newsletter link straight to my phone as soon as it’s published. I tend to not read my personal emails during the day and newsletters are de-emphasised  in many email clients. Missing this very important newsletter was becoming a bit of a pain.

if this then that

Why is this newsletter so important

The best comedian in the UK by a mile is Daniel Kitson. He is part soul warming storyteller, part potty-mouthed-bear-pit-slaying compère and part grumpy misanthrope. He is a joy. If you haven’t heard of him that’s because he doesn’t do TV, does very little press (he hates PRs) and shuns the limelight. Have a look at his website where you purchase previous material.

Mr Kitson can literally break a box-office. When his shows go on sale phone lines are jammed and websites crash as his legion of fans tussle for tickets. Box office managers know when they have been kitsonned.

How can a man without a promotional machine do this? Well, he has a very excitable and strong fan base (The Market he call us) which he communicates with in a sporadic and very funny email newsletter*. You never know when it will land and when it does you want to be on the front foot with planning ticket purchase.

Sick of missing it or finding it days late, I thought I would give IFTTT a try to send a notification to my mobile. IFTTT let’s you create recipes that link web services together. A trigger causes an action in what they call a ‘Recipe’. It’s that simple. My Daniel Kitson Recipe below
IFTTT Recipe: Text a link to a new Daniel Kitson Newsletter.


How to create an SMS alert

I can only do this because Mr Kitson is using email newsletter software with RSS built in, MailChimp. Not all do this but MailChimp is an excellent service and this is but one of an avalanche of reasons for using it. In fact this would work with any MailChimp newsletters.

Here’s how you do it.

  1. Sign up to IFTTT – a vital step.
  2. Click the Feed trigger
  3. Click New Feed Item
  4. Open the newsletter in a browser and copy the RSS link from the top bar.
  5. Paste this into IFTTT and create the trigger.
  6. Set up with mobile channel in IFTTT and verify it with your phone.
  7. Add the necessary text to the action, Make sure the URL ingredient is included and that’s it.

If you have you own great uses for IFTTT or ways IFTTT can be used in comms why not leave them below?

*Content marketers and newsletter producers should read it. This is a newsletter that is opened, read and loved.


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